Caroline Comer LMBT #10588
Where the Earth Becomes the Sky

About the Practitioner

Name and Credentials

My name is Caroline Q. Comer, I studied the art of massage at The Center For Massage and Natural Health in Weaverville, NC. I am licensed to practice massage in the state of North Carolina, a professional level member of ABMP, as well as a Nationally Certified Practitioner with the NCBTMB. I am also Accredited by the Supreme Science Qigong Foundation in Qigong Healing and Breathing Applications.


In addition to my training in Weaverville, I worked at the Student Therapy Center in Asheville as part of my 600 hours of schooling. It was an intensive program on massage history, studies, applications, and technique. We also studied the anatomy, physiology, and pathologies of the body. Some modalities we explored were Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy(or Deep Tissue), Aromatherapy, Relexology, Hydrotherapy, Herbology, Sports Massage, Pre-natal, Infant or Geriatric massage, Shiastu, and Chinese Medical Theory. All of which I loved! Massage school for me was a path to self discovery, learning just as much about myself with each new class as I did the subjects. It was an amazing experience.


Practice Philosophy:

I strive to always be a professional. This means that in my practice I am knowledgeable, respectful, non-judgemental, fair, hard working, and ethical.   I try to deliver an unique massage to everyone because every body is as different as its individual needs.

Why I do what I do:

Massage Therapy has been one of my life-long dreams. I have always enjoyed recieving massage; the quiet atmosphere, the scented oils, the healing touch produced from non-judgemental human contact. What keeps me hooked is feeling the stress release from my muscles, sending a wave of calm down my spine. Then there are those wonderful magical times when the earth suddenly becomes the sky and you are grounded and suspened all at once, lost in massage land. That is the place I wish to return to durring every massage I recieve, and that is the type of bodywork experience I strive to deliver to every client.

A bit more about me:

Sometimes I say that I am not a massage therapist, just an artist who does massage. Art has always been my biggest passion. I love to create, to imagine, and it is part of everything I do.

I have been blessed with a beautiful, loving family. I am currently living in Stoneville with my husband, Chris, and our pets. I was born and raised in the Bethany Community, and that is where my roots are firmly embedded.

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